Logistics Intelligence (LQ) solves transport challenges in the smartest way possible

Logistics Intelligence (LQ) is a privately owned logistical services and end-to-end supply chain management company. LQ is industrial centered, with a distinctive rail flair, that achieves durability in business through long-term value creation for all its stakeholders.

LQ is about much more than offering a complete bouquet of logistical services to customers nationally and throughout the SADC region. LQ adds sustainable value by improving services, reducing costs and truly understanding its customers' unique and varied requirements. Further value is added by way of supply chain strategy development, re-engineering (a speciality) and supply chain redesign.

Furthermore, through partnerships and alliances LQ optimises benefits, assets and synergies, all the while retaining its entrepreneurial flair, innovative thinking and above all, customer focus.

LQ strives to continuously improve its service offering; reducing the cost to customers and improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chains it manages. Constant evaluation of our customers supply chains are the LQ way.

What essentially drives us at LQ is the concept of “smart moves” and therefore the name Logistics Intelligence, but please judge for yourself.

Please refer to the (703) 613-9709 for examples of how LQ has achieved this.

Client contact details are available on request as reference and referral.

Further case studies are available from info@logisticsintelligence.co.za.

Please see our (509) 715-5927 for more details.